Patrick and Steven Bareback

Another fresh week and time to get to see some more cj xxx goodies on screen as always. Do you guys remember the two hot and horny black studs from some time ago? well they are back in black…pardon the pun, to play some more today and they have lots to show off on camera. Their names are Patrick and Steven and that gallery was just a tryout to see if they were good and if you liked them. And wow, the response was truly amazing to say the least to their previous little xxx scene here. So yeah, let’s get ready to see their encore here today and you can watch two amazing black gay studs plowing one another senseless in this juicy scene!


After last week’s scene you seem to have adored Patrick and Steven in their little get together fucking scene in which they had a great amount of fun fucking each other. While back then only one of them got to be the top, today you get to see them take turns and it’s truly remarkable. Watch them working each other’s cocks in the beginning with a nice sixty nine and then watch them taking turns to ride each other cowboy style for the rest of the show. We can promise that there will be much more of them in the future too, so all you guys need to do is just sit back and check out regularly to see them some more too. Bye bye for now and enjoy!

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