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Brad Bones and Brock Hard

Hi there! here we are again with some fresh cj xxx scene and the two studs over here will be your company tonight. Watch the horny dudes stuffing each other’s tight holes and taking some nasty cum all over them for the great ending. They are making a great couple and have this passion for fucking on camera, so the two cannot be missed. Enjoy, everyone!


Before any other details, let me introduce you our stars for tonight: they are Brad Bones and his partner, Brock Hard. This is their first experience together and I think they will be back with some fresh scenes as they did a wonderful job together. Watch hungry Brad sucking on Brock’s hard tool right before he’ll spread those tight buttocks for that cock. He will go deepthroat only for our viewing delight and will also suck on the balls. Enjoy his blowing skills then watch him bending and spreading the buttocks for the cock he just sucked. The two are fucking and sucking like this their last day on Earth. I truly hope you’ll enjoy the ending also as it involves some round buttocks moisturized and a tight deepthroat aimed with the balls juice. Enjoy, you little perverts and be back for fresh content! Wanna see other hot guys fucking? Visit the http://homoemo.net site!

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CJ XXX – Russel Fetish Fucks George

Another fresh week and time once more to see the new cj xxx scene that we promised last time. You got to see this room put to some great use while fucking so far and this day it gets to do that again. Sit back and treat yourselves to a special and hot gay scene with Russel Fetish getting to plant his dick deep in George’s ass this fine afternoon here. You can bet that this show was going to have another Thai hottie stud that got to fuck this guy here and you can rest assured that it’s one of the best cjxxx scenes to date. So let’s not delay and watch this sensual sex scene with the two as they get to put the bed to good use while the fuck today!


Anyway, as you all know, we always try to bring you the best of the best and we never fail to have some truly incredible fuck fests in these ones. On top of that the guys tend to make a comeback from time to time, so you get to see some even more amazing scenes with the best ones too. So yeah, we sure hope that these two get to make a comeback as their little fuck was just amazing and we bet that you adored it too. Let’s look towards the future and hope for amazing gay sex scenes such as this one to keep on coming everyone. That’s about it for this one, and remember that you can also check out the past scenes too if you don’t like waiting a week for new content!

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CJ XXX – Conan Fucks Jayrald

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome back yet once more to cj xxx and more of what you like, namely some amazing twinks in action every single week, stretching out those butt holes with one another’s big dicks. But anyway, this fine gallery presents to you the two horny guys named Conan and Jayrald as they get naughty and nasty with one another and you can see that both of them are of Asian descent. Thai to be more precise, so that kinky and sensual fucking is in their blood more or less. But anyway, let’s get the cjxxx scene going and watch this truly amazing and incredibly hot twink fuck fest with the two of them going down shall we?

They know they have the room to themselves and as soon as the cameras start to roll, the two of them are all over each other undressing as they kiss and caress slowly. Of course, both of them wanted to play, so you get to watch both of them sucking each other off and making sure that those cocks stay nice and hard throughout the whole thing. And of course, the best part about this scene is when you get to see them getting down to fucking those tight asses. These two twinks are some of the best around and we hope that you enjoyed their show. We’ll return soon with more and a special little update for you. See you next week with it and a new scene!


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Richard, Fred and Michael

Since we had great success with previous cj xxx scenes where we got to show off the eager pair of black guys playing naughty, we decided to bring you some more scenes like that this fine afternoon here. And this time it’s a bit more special actually as there’s no less than three black dudes getting wild with each other in it and their names are Richard, Fred and Michael and they have a lot in store for you! Get ready to have your socks blown off by their amazingly juicy and hot cjxxx scene and watch a sensual threesome that you rarely get to see around the net either way. We bet that you will love every second of this show here today!


It was a nice and sunny afternoon and the ebony twinks were eager to get to have some sweet release this fine day and blow their loads. So the natural answer to that was to get down and dirty and do some fucking. There’s enough you get to watch them do for foreplay, but in the end all of them get to take turns fucking one another in the ass hard style and you get to see it all. To end thins nicely, you can see one lying down while the other two are above, but all three of them stroke their dicks and they climax at once. The end result is that they cover the other guy with their spunk today and make a big mess of him. Enjoy it!

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CJ XXX – Zane and Milo

Well, you are once again just in time to see some more cj xxx gay sex scenes with some hot and sensual studs. The main protagonists of this juicy afternoon fuck right here are Zane, the brunette cutie and his very eager fuck buddy Milo, with that bright platinum blonde hair. But yeah, rest assured that these two have some good galleries to show off to you with them fucking one another on camera and you need to check it all out without delay here today. The cameras are ready to roll and put all this cjxxx goodness on display just for you, so with that in mind, let’s get started and see Milo and Zane fucking with a passion for this one here!

They get to put their show on display in their big bedroom bed today and when the show begins, the two are already naked. See, Milo was eager to get it in his ass, so he was also eager to get to wrap his lips around that meat. Watch him taking his time to suck and deep throat that meat with a passion here today and when he’s sure he has it nice and hard, you can see him getting right on top of his buddy Zane here and riding his cock on top of the bed, moaning in pleasure throughout the whole thing. Enjoy the action and see you all next week with more amazing and juicy gay sex sessions everyone. We’ll be waiting for you right here as always!


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Patrick and Steven Bareback

Another fresh week and time to get to see some more cj xxx goodies on screen as always. Do you guys remember the two hot and horny black studs from some time ago? well they are back in black…pardon the pun, to play some more today and they have lots to show off on camera. Their names are Patrick and Steven and that gallery was just a tryout to see if they were good and if you liked them. And wow, the response was truly amazing to say the least to their previous little xxx scene here. So yeah, let’s get ready to see their encore here today and you can watch two amazing black gay studs plowing one another senseless in this juicy scene!


After last week’s scene you seem to have adored Patrick and Steven in their little get together fucking scene in which they had a great amount of fun fucking each other. While back then only one of them got to be the top, today you get to see them take turns and it’s truly remarkable. Watch them working each other’s cocks in the beginning with a nice sixty nine and then watch them taking turns to ride each other cowboy style for the rest of the show. We can promise that there will be much more of them in the future too, so all you guys need to do is just sit back and check out regularly to see them some more too. Bye bye for now and enjoy!

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CJ XXX – Mitch and Cesar

Welcome to this week’s new and sensual cj xxx scene. We know what you came here to see and rest assured that we are prepared for you with a brand new and sexy gay sex session this week. This one right here features more new faces and they are Mitch and Cesar. They get to experiment for some time this afternoon with one another and see how good man meat can feel in your mouth and in your ass and the guy with the semi buzz cut seems to be the one eager to find out the most of the two in their cjxxx scene here! Anyway, do strap in and check out a pretty intense and juicy fuck with the two of them all afternoon long today!

That room was all inviting to them to make them let loose and the eager guy we mentioned earlier, which also has a hip tattoo, is all over the older dude’s cock. Watch him making sure that it’s nice and excited too as he uses his lips to greatly pleasure the mature stud. He then gets to bend over and take it from the rear like the good little man slut that he is and the other guy doesn’t deny him his demand here today. We’ll be back again next week with another update so just make sure that you stay tuned to catch them all okay? Also you know that you can find the best kinky gay scenes around here so don’t hesitate to check around!


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Noah and Vahn Valdez

Today’s cj xxx show is here for you to see and check out and of course we have some more smoking hot and kinky galleries to put on display for you without delay. The two new guys to make their entry in this one are Noah and Vahn Valdez, two eager Latino studs that get to put on a great action scene for you all to check out and we can already tell you that it’s going to be quite unforgettable too. They got to do whatever they wanted with one another today and there is no way that you can skip over their entire amazing scene. So let the cjxxx action commence and let’s watch a pair of twinks getting wild for you today!


What’s even better is that Noah and Valdez here engage in some sensual massaging action as well, trying out the new Thai style one. Of course, you know what that means. As the original idea of a Thai massage is to have a happy end to it where the client gets to blow his load too after having his whole body worked. Well either way, take the time to see these two taking turns to massage one another and you can see them getting each other excited with the whole thing. And soon enough they get to start sucking each other’s dicks too. Explore the rest of it yourselves and see what the two ended up doing with one another in today’s scene! Bye bye!

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CJ XXX – Live Sex Orgy

Hey there again everyone. We know how much you like to see cj xxx action scenes and we have one here for you. Now this is more of a recording of the event as there was this superbly hot and sexy xxx live orgy that went down as the title says. But we figured that some of you might have missed the action because of different reasons, so here it is nicely recorded in its entirety and put on display for you late birds too. So yeah, do strap in for a glorious and hot show featuring many guys getting down and dirty and fucking all over the place and check out this amazing cjxxx unplugged fuck fest. We bet that you will enjoy every second!

Well the start of it is pretty amazing as you can see dudes left and right undressing. And they get to put on display those amazingly hot and sexy naked bodies that you all loved checking out thus far. But of course the foreplay continues with cock sucking and anal licking as well to set the mood even better and make the whole fucking process that much smoother. Do enjoy yourselves with the action of this all right here and we’ll see you again soon enough with another fresh and sexy scene everyone. Bye bye for now and be sure to check out the whole orgy fuck fest with the guys here today, you won’t regret it one bit! See you next time guys!


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Maximo and Tomas Fuck

Hey there guys and welcome once more to some new and fresh cj xxx updates. We know what you want to see and we have more of it to put on display for you here today. This week you get to see the hot and sexy couple made by Maximo and Tomas as they get to fuck with a passion and of course you get to see every single little detail of their uninterrupted little fuck this afternoon. They got to spend quite a lot of time making things naughty with one another today for you and you just have to see them having a go at one another in this cjxxx show. Sit back, relax, and let’s watch some more new and kinky studs fuck hard shall we?


Well it looks like the blue room with the purple bed gets to make and encore for this one as it was just the perfect setting for these two to get wild and nasty with one another on. See clothes fly off in every direction and then check the two out sixty nine-ing each other as they suck one another’s nice dicks. They sure get to have fun being on top as they get to take turns between taking it in the ass and giving the dicking and it’s all incredible. So yeah, just take your time with it and we’ll be back again soon with another new and fresh show for you. And also, you might want to check out the past scenes for more gorgeous gay shows as well everyone!

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